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Old Hyster Serial Numbers

Old Hyster Serial Numbers

Posted by Dan Ekstrom - Winch Expert on Dec 17th 2019

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Old Hyster Serial Numbers

Hyster Winches have been around for nearly a century. Obviously many of these winches are obsolete now, but many of the winches from the 70’s and 80’s are still around like the Hyster W8K for CAT D7G, and Hyster D6E / D6D for CAT D6D crawler. Serial number is critical to knowing what the winch was built for and the internal specs like gear ratio or serial number breaks for parts selection.


- Older Hyster winches were stamped in several different locations and are often difficult to find. The most common location was on the left hand side (when standing behind the tractor looking at the winch). Look above or below the drum nut on the side of the winch for the serial number tag or the 4 rivet holes that would be left after the tag has been ripped off. You can usually find the complete serial number stamped in the frame just below where the serial number tag was located.

-The Serial number on current winches can be found on the serial number tag and stamped in the frame on the winch frame on the flat section above the winch valve on the left hand side (when standing behind the tractor).



  • LINE 1 : A139P1508S
  • LINE 2 : A1390201
  • W8K

-The Old serial numbers came in 2 parts, one line was the serial number about when and where the winch was built. The second line tells about the internal gear ratio and winch specs. Here is the information you will need to “decode” Old Hyster Winch Serial Numbers.

A139     P     1508      S

  (1)      (2)       (3)     (4)

1.)The first letter and number denotes the design series and model of the unit. This is a code you need to find on chart 3 shown below.


2.)The second letter denotes the code for which location the winch was built at

  • A = Scotland
  • L = Peoria
  • P = Portland
  • S = Australia

3.)The third group of numbers indicates the manufacturing sequence. Parts manuals will sometimes call out serial number sequence changes to what parts were used in assembly.

4.)The last letter designates the year of manufacture for the winch.

A = 1957          M = 1968

B = 1958          N = 1969

C = 1959          P = 1970

D = 1960          R = 1971

E = 1961          S = 1972

F = 1962          T = 1973

G = 1963         U = 1974

H = 1964         V = 1975

J = 1965          W = 1976

K = 1966          X = 1977

L = 1967          Y = 1978

Z = 1979

There is a little more information available for certain serial numbers, and we can assist regarding any updates to the old part numbers if they are still available. Please give us a call if you have any questions. - old Serial numbers were broken up into 2 lines. LINE 2 denotes a code for CHART 4 shown below. This code gives more winch detail about the gear ratio and what the winch was designed for.