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Allied W3C Repair

Allied W3C Repair

Posted by Dan Ekstrom - Winch Expert on Aug 15th 2019

The Allied W3C is a winch originally designed by Hyster Winch and carrier on by Allied Systems. This winch is extremely popular in the logging industry for smaller timber or tight locations. The W3C has been discontinued from Allied due to a drop off in demand and the last W3C made by them was sold by Thomson Equipment in 2017. The reduction in demand has nothing to due with the winch performance as the Allied W3C is a much better winch than many available today, but the problem is that the small dozer manufactures like CAT, Deere, CASE, and Komatsu no longer include a PTO in their small dozers. The W3C is a great winch, but since it's no longer a current production item there are some important things to know about keeping it running smoothly. 

The most important thing to know is that the VALVE, the all important valve is no longer available from Allied or any other supplier. This was a custom made valve, and the casting is no longer available to make additional units. Use extreme caution when working on or around the valve not to damage it, and do anything you can to maintain it with good clean oil and seals. 

There are many serial number changes and updates to the W3C over the years so be very careful in the parts manual to make sure you are working with the right group of parts. The pump gear and clutch hub are one of the significant updates to watch. Another tricky area can be the brake spring installation because depending on your serial number and gear ratio the springs stack in a different way to function properly. Lastly, the way the frictions and separators stack in the clutches is unique stacking pattern. The first gen W3C had so much power it could twist the shaft, so as a solution the clutch stacks now use a different assembly pattern that puts 2 separator plates together rather than the more common alternating pattern of frictions and separator plates. 

With over 30 years of experience working on winches, there is a lot more we've seen not written here. If you have any questions regarding Allied W3C repairs please contact us.