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Allied E-Valve Updates

Allied E-Valve Updates

Posted by Dan Ekstrom - Winch Expert on Jul 15th 2019

Over the years Both Carco and Allied have been updating their valves to improve performance on PTO driven winches. In this blog we will focus on the important Allied updates. The electronic valve improves the overlap time between the brake getting released and the FWD/REV clutch engaging. 

The first generation of these valves was red as shown in the video. These valves were an improvement over the manual controls in many ways, but had a tendency allow drum roll back.The next generation had a silver valve body and worked well, but again, had the potential for rollback if the pressure would bleed off the valve. There is a check valve update for these silver valves noted below that is a simple and cost effective solution. The silver check valve update is good, but doesn't match the nearly perfect control of the newest GENII controls on the current blue valve. 

All of the control valves are driven by a module containing a specific winch program for each model and serial number associated serial number changes. This was called a DVC10 which required a voltage converter. The DVC10 was discontinued in 2018 and replaced by the DVC710 which has an integrated voltage converter and requires a different wiring harness. 2316785 is for the DVC 710 and the 2311444 is for the DVC10. Both modules and harnesses have been updated to the same joystick. 

2315251w is the last part you might need when considering updates. Some winches use a plastic plug called an AMP JR and these have been updated to the deutsch connector which is more reliable. 2315215w is the converter from AMP JR plastic plug to the deutsch style. 

One important thing to understand for these valves is that they are ALL operating a PTO driven winch. The best way to operate a PTO winch is 100% ON or 100% OFF, using the RPM of the tractor to vary the speed of the line within the winch gear ratio range. Inching or feathering is possible to a degree, but this requires attempting to basically "ride" or "slip" the clutch by not fully engaging clutch. This decreases the lifespan and power of the clutch assemblies.  

Silver Check Valve Update Part Numbers

2313721 = W12EE

2313722 = W8LE

2313723 = W6GE

Blue Valve Update kits

- W12E Silver to Blue update Kit